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2014 Schedule and Rates

To do our part in helping with this challenging economy, we are reducing our prices more than 25%. In addition, students will receive 25% off all fishing tackle purchases while attending the school.   

Basic Casting Lessons
The basic cast and roll cast are taught from a 
practical fishing point of view.  Private lessons
     by appointment. 
One person $75.00
     per lesson.  Two people $110 per lesson.
     The lessons are minimum of two 
     hours.  Larger groups, price on request.

Advanced fly casting and FFF fly casting
instructor certification instruction is available.
We will begin with good loop control and progress
     through the double-haul. 
Private classes by appointment.
One or two persons $145 per class.  The classes
     are a minimum of three hours.  For FFF instructor
     classes, please call for information.

"The Basics" Fly-Fishing Class

     All students will receive 25% off all fishing tackle purchased while attending the school.

This one day class covers the basics required to fly-fish.
     Casting, fly selection, knots, equipment, wading, and 
     basic fishing knowledge are covered.  This is a great
     school for those who want to learn to fly-fish as quickly
     as possible.  Classes are Saturdays from 9:00 AM - 
     5:00 PM.  Lunch is provided.  $150 for men, $100 for 
     ladies, children under 16 accompanying an adult are free.

April 16th, May 21st, June 18th, August 20th, and September 17th

You may return to additional Trout School classes, subject
to availability, anytime during the following 11 months, at
no additional charge.


The Bennett Spring State Park area is very popular and reservations are suggested.  We will be happy to assist you in your plans.  The state park has 65 cabins and motel rooms.  The park also has 5 campgrounds, a public swimming pool and rustic dining lodge.

We look forward to your visit to Bennett Spring State Park and our school.  If you would like more information on Bennett Spring State Park, visit us at www.bennettspringstatepark.com.

Classes fill quickly, make your reservations soon! Call 417-532-4307


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