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The Trout School

"The Trout School" is designed for the beginner and experienced trout fisherman or woman alike.  You will learn the world of the trout.

All students receive a 25% discount on all fishing tackle purchased during the school.


     Much time will be spent on the fundamentals of the roll cast and the basic cast.  Distance casting using the single haul, double haul and oval casting methods, as well as many specialty casts will be taught based on each student's pace and desire.

Additional Topics

  • Approach and presentation

  • Reading water

  • Fly selection

  • Wading

  • Playing the fish

  • Knots

  • Tackle choices

  • Releasing fish



     You may bring your own equipment or you may use ours at no cost.  In our shop, we have many different types of equipment from various manufacturers available.  We encourage you to try as many different makes and models as possible while enrolled in the class.


     Fishing before and after class is encouraged.  Please call for details on permits, etc.


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