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The School Setting

The Jim Rogers' School of Fly Fishing is located in beautiful Bennett Spring State Park.  The park spans 3,000 acres of breathtaking Ozark scenery and includes hiking trails, a Nature Center and a public swimming pool.  

The sparkling clear waters of Bennett Spring have been the focal point of the surrounding Ozark hills for thousands of years.  The Indians who first inhabited this green valley referred to the spring as the "Eye of the Sacred One".

Bennett Spring produces an average of 100,000,000 gallons of clear, 57 degree spring water each day.  This makes an ideal setting for raising and fishing for Rainbow Trout.


The Missouri Department of Conservation Trout Hatchery is located in the park and is open to the public.  The hatchery raises and stocks approximately 400,000 trout per year in the park.  The average length of rainbow trout stocked is 12", with many over three pounds.  The spring branch is one and a half miles in length and is stocked each evening.

Bennett Spring has three areas of restricted lure use.  The largest area is for fly fishing only.  There is also an artificial lure area where flies may also be used and an area for natural bait only.

We encourage fishing before and after the classes.  If you do not have equipment, we will gladly furnish rods and reels to students, at no charge.

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